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Seasons on Velcro “4 in 1”. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (4 seasons). Children’s felt wall story board play set for early development and learning

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Set items:

  • background
    • wall mat, size 100×70 cm – 1 piece,
    • Velcro tree – 1 pc.
    • Velcro background elements (sun, 3 clouds)
  • Velcro elements – 283 pcs:
    • Spring – 77 elements
    • Summer – 84 elements
    • Autumn – 67 element
    • Winter – 55 elements
  • Material: needle-punched types of fabrics (felt, felt, carpet)
About product

Children’s felt wall story board “Seasons” has always occupied a separate place among Carpetino® educational toys. This is the simplest and most interesting educational mat for the development of not only children’s motor skills, but primarily for the development of speech and storytelling. Children with pleasure and ease collect their compositions and tell their stories. After all, here are collected the maximum of those elements that are characteristic of each season and which the child sees around him every day. There are four games in the set, which are connected by one plot. The key element is wood. The composition can be changed by rearranging the elements in places.

Spring is coming, the first green leaves appear on the trees. Thunder rumbles, thunderstorms, lightning flashes and the first spring rain falls. Everything around begins to bloom – flowers appear on the tree. Birds arrive from warm countries and begin to build nests, lay eggs, from which chicks are about to appear. And the baby can make a real birdhouse. Insects wake up – a caterpillar, a ladybug, a beetle, butterflies, a dragonfly. Spring flowers are blooming and strawberries are ripening.

Then summer comes. As in real life, new elements appear in the set. On the tree – delicious fruits, apples, pears. The bees work hard and stock up on honey. The spider spins its web. Sunflowers are ripening, daisies are in the forest… Fish are splashing in the ponds, and there is even a funny duckling. And of course, there is a delicious delicacy – raspberries. And in the sky you can see a rainbow – perhaps the most favorite element of children both in life and in the game. The rainbow consists of 24 elements and to collect it the child will need perseverance.

Then autumn comes. This is the most beautiful and richest time for the harvest. This is the time of the brightest colors. Red, yellow, orange… the leaves on the tree are changing color and are about to fall off. As in every season, new elements now appear on the tree – nuts and acorns. The set contains a variety of vegetables and fruits: pepper, onion, eggplant, pumpkin, apple, pear, carrot, grapes. And, of course, a basket to collect a real harvest. There is also a hero familiar and beloved by all children – a hedgehog who picks mushrooms and apples. It rains more often, the birds go to warmer climes – a little more and winter will come.

Finally, winter comes. At this time of the year, elements that are characteristic of winter are collected. Of course, it snows in winter – there are snowflakes in the set and our tree is covered with snow. Here, winter berries are already used as fruits – mountain ash and holly. And of course, there are birds characteristic of winter – the titmouse and the bullfinch. An additional element appears in the set – a Christmas tree. After all, winter is New Year and Christmas. In addition to the tree, the child can decorate the Christmas tree with toys, make a snowman and wait for the main character of the winter holidays – Santa (Father Frost). A little more and spring will replace winter again – the snow will begin to melt and icicles will appear …

Seasons is one of the largest sets in terms of the number of elements. Four seasons set (spring, summer, autumn, winter) includes background (wall mat, 1 tree, background elements (sun + 3 clouds) and 283 themed elements. This set is always up-to-date. The game can be played constantly – the mat is always hanging on the wall, it does not need to be taken out, assembled and disassembled every time.Bright, it constantly attracts the child’s interest to create a new composition.It is not necessary to wait for the onset of spring or summer.You can play the “Seasons” all year round!

The set will be a good and useful gift for both toddlers (2-3 years old) and older children – 6-7 years old.

Like all Carpetino® sets, “Seasons” is aimed at developing fine motor skills, sensory skills, figurative and abstract thinking, fantasy, creativity and storytelling. The effect is achieved thanks to the Pin&Play game technique (attach and play). All toys are Velcro – thanks to this, it is easy for a child to create their own compositions.


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Seasons on Velcro “4 in 1”. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (4 seasons). Children’s felt wall story board play set for early development and learning

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