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Kid’s board story set with felt velcro toys Forest mini Premium

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Set items:

  • wall mat, size 100×70 cm
  • soft book for playing at the table and storing toys, 5 sheets, size 24.5×24.5 cm
  • Velcro toys, 108 pcs.

Material: needle punched types of fabrics, felt

About product

The Wonderwall Forest Mini Velcro Playset is a smaller version of the Forest Maxi. The mini series is an alternative for those who do not have a large free wall in the house for a 145×100 cm rug (the standard size of the Maxi series sets). The smaller 100×70 cm mini rug can be placed almost anywhere. Moreover, due to the reduced size, the rug can be hung on the wall both horizontally and vertically.

Otherwise, Wonderwall “Forest Mini” is the same complete set for playing and developing, even though the number of toys (elements) is less here. 108 toys – enough for a 100×70 cm playing field.

Wonderwall “Forest mini” is the world of forest dwellers. Bear, hare, wolf, fox … – as many as 14 toys of animals, birds and insects! The theme of “Forest dwellers” is very popular with children and parents. Here is just an incredible field for the imagination and creativity of the child. Wonderwall “Forest Mini” allows you to create a variety of compositions and plots for children’s stories and fairy tales. Story and role-playing games, storytelling – all this is easy to do with the Forest Mini set. Like all Carpetino play sets, Wonderwall Les mini is also aimed at early development and learning. There are enough mushrooms and berries that parents use for counting material, as well as for teaching the child to distinguish shapes and colors.

Wonderwall Forest Mini, like all Carpetino play sets, is a play set for several years. This is the toy with which the child will play again and again, each time inventing and discovering new forms of play. A large number and variety of elements in the set constantly attracts the child to add new compositions each time, to invent new stories for the game.

Wonderwall “Forest Mini” will be especially interesting and useful both for kids (from 2-3 years old) and even for primary school students.

The constant interest of the child is primarily the technique of the game “pin & play” (attach and play). Each element in the set, from an animal to a small flower, is Velcro. Therefore, the toy is so easy to attach and tear off the mat. And there are 108 of these in the set! This “pin&play” technique makes the game simple and fun. Especially at an early age, when “tearing off” and “attaching” something for a child is a natural form of development and exploration of the world and its objects. Thanks to Velcro on toys and a large bright wall mat, it is easy for a child to create his own play space. Moreover, each element in the set is a real full-fledged toy: bright, voluminous and pleasant to the touch. Due to the layering and detailing, where each part in the toy is a separate part, toys contribute to the development of fine motor skills and tactile sensations of the child.

Like all Carpetino play sets, the Forest Mini Wonderwall set also includes a special book. It is very convenient for storing toys, as well as for playing at the table. Like the rug, the book in the mini sets is also smaller – 24.5 x 24.5 cm. However, as experience has shown, such a reduced format is sometimes even more convenient. It is easier to take a small book with you on a trip – to play with toys on an airplane or in a car.

Velcro game set Wonderwall “Forest mini” is suitable for both girls and boys.

Wonderwall “Forest mini” is a real dream for a child. After all, this is both an exciting game, and a designer, and a bright picture that can be constantly changed, and, finally, a bright decoration for a nursery.


Kid’s board story set with felt velcro toys Forest mini Premium

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