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Children’s flannel story board play set for early development and learning “Velcro City”, Premium

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Set includes:

  • wall mat, size 145×100 cm
  • soft book for playing at the table and storing toys, 5 sheets, size 32.5×32.5 cm
  • Velcro toys, 223 pcs.

Material: needle punched types of fabrics, felt

About product

According to parents, the Wonderwall “City of Maxi” Velcro play set is the most “interior”. Indeed, the “City” looks most striking in the nursery and in any other place. A variety of colors, combined with the theme of a European city, its bright houses, facades and roofs on a bright light green rug, are a complete decor. This is a real living picture that you want to collect in a new way every time. And this is natural, because Wonderwall “City Maxi” is also a game and a great constructor.

“City” is the most unique set among all. The uniqueness of the set is that it is, perhaps, the only set that does not have clear age restrictions. Both kids and schoolchildren, and even teenagers, like to play with him. Although initially Wonderwall “Maxi City” was conceived for older children – for schoolchildren. Unlike the “Farm” or “Forest” sets, which were conceived for children from 2-3 years old, there is no emphasis on counting material and the set is designed more for story and role-playing games, for the development of abstract thinking and storytelling. However, according to experience, this set is often of most interest not only to schoolchildren, but also to kids, aged 2-3 years. And this is predictable – the theme of the City, as it turned out, is the most understandable for a child. Indeed, in this set, he sees what he meets first of all in the city – houses, roads, cars, other children. These items are clear and familiar to him, and therefore it is easy for a child to play with such sets.

Children build their own city, their own versions of houses, especially since all facades, roofs, windows and doors can be rearranged in any variation. And from the road they build their routes, their streets.

Children love Wonderwall “City Maxi” also because it has an understandable geometry. Elements of the city is a large constructor with clear geometric shapes. Square, rectangle, circle, trapezoid – with such figures it is easy to build any house, of any shape, with any number of floors, shape of facades, roofs, windows.

Wonderwall City Maxi, like all Carpetino play sets, is a play set for several years. This is the toy with which the child will play again and again, each time inventing and discovering new forms of play. A large number and variety of elements in the set constantly attracts the child to add new compositions each time, to invent new stories for the game.

There are no rules or restrictions here. After all, the main interest in the child is primarily the technique of the game “pin & play” (attach and play). Each item in the set is Velcro. Therefore, the toy is so easy to attach and tear off the mat. And there are 223 of these in the set. This “pin&play” technique makes the game simple and fun. Especially at an early age, when “tearing off” and “attaching” something for a child is a natural form of development and exploration of the world and its objects. Thanks to Velcro on toys and a large bright wall mat, it is easy for a child to create his own play space. Moreover, each element in the set is a real full-fledged toy: bright, voluminous and pleasant to the touch. Due to the layering and detailing, where each part in the toy is a separate part, toys contribute to the development of fine motor skills and tactile sensations of the child.

Like all Carpetino play sets, the Maxi City Wonderwall set also includes a special book. It is very convenient for storing toys, as well as for playing at the table.

Velcro game set Wonderwall “City Maxi” is suitable for both girls and boys. Girls come up with their own stories together with children’s figures in the set, and boys, of course, are most attracted by the road and car figures.

Wonderwall “City Maxi” is a real dream for a child. After all, this is both an exciting game, and a designer, and a bright picture that can be constantly changed, and, finally, a bright decoration for a nursery.


Children’s flannel story board play set for early development and learning “Velcro City”, Premium

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