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Kid’s flannel story board set Farm Maxi velcro Premium

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Farm set includes:
1. Special mat 57×39 inch to hang on the wall.
2. large book containing 5 sheets (12.6×12.6 inch)
3. 251 toys / items:
— 19 key elements (cute domestic animals) — great for plot and role-playing games
— 84 elements for counting (flowers, berries, fruit and vegetables) — excellent for motor skills, counting, sorting, etc.
— 155+ additional elements (clouds, grass, trees, etc.) — excellent for composing compositions

Material: felt, other types of needle-punched tissue types.

About product

Kid’s flannel story board set Farm Maxi velcro Premium is perhaps one of the most beloved sets among both parents and children. The farm is the simplest and most understandable topic for a child. Here are those animals and elements, on the example of which the child is easiest to acquaint with the outside world. Therefore, this is the first set that parents most often use not only as a bright toy, but also as a didactic material for early development and learning.

The set contains the maximum number of pets. With them, children invent their own stories, take care of them, feed them. There is also a variety of vegetation: vegetables and fruits. Everything to plant your first vegetable garden, grow your own orchard, harvest a real crop. It’s not just apples and corn or carrots and eggplants, it’s a great counting material. With this it is easy to teach a child to count, to introduce him to colors and shapes. After all, we are talking about the game – the most understandable and natural form of learning for the child. And, of course, there is everything here for the development of fantasy, creativity, abstract thinking and storytelling. It is important not that the children just play, but that they voice their game, inventing their own stories. Here the child can become a real farmer. A house, a barn, a mill and even a tractor – along with all the other elements, it will be easy for a child to come up with a plot for any game.

Like all Carpetino play sets, Wonderwall Farm Maxi is a play set for several years. This is the toy with which the child will play again and again, each time inventing and discovering new forms of play. A large number and variety of elements in the set constantly attracts the child to compose new compositions each time, invent new stories for the game.

Wonderwall “Farm Maxi” is suitable for children of all ages. Both very young children (from 2-3 years old) and elementary school students play this game with interest for hours on end. The secret is in the technique of the game!

Yes, the child’s constant interest is primarily in the “pin & play” game technique (attach and play). Each item in the set, from an animal to a small flower, is Velcro. Therefore, the toy is so easy to attach and tear off the mat. And there are 250 of them in a set. This “pin&play” technique makes the game simple and fun. Especially at an early age, when “tearing off” and “attaching” something for a child is a natural form of development and exploration of the world and its objects. Thanks to Velcro on toys and a large bright wall mat, it is easy for a child to create his own play space. Moreover, each element in the set is a real full-fledged toy: bright, voluminous and pleasant to the touch. Due to the layering and detailing, where each part in the toy is a separate part, toys contribute to the development of fine motor skills and tactile sensations of the child.

Like all Carpetino Kid’s flannel story board sets, Farm Maxi velcro Premium Wonderwall set also includes a special book. It is very convenient for storing toys, as well as for playing at the table.

The Wonderwall Farm Maxi velcro play set is suitable for both girls and boys.

Wonderwall Farm Maxi velcro Premium is a real dream for a child. After all, this is both an exciting game, and a designer, and a bright picture that can be constantly changed, and, finally, a bright decoration for a nursery.


Kid’s flannel story board set Farm Maxi velcro Premium

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